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Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda Full Movie || 2014 || Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika, Praneetha

Watch Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda Full Telugu Movie.
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Starring Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu, Manchu Manoj, Raveena Tandon, Hansika, Pranitha, Varun Sandesh, Tanish, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore Among Others. This Movie Is Directed By Sriwass And Produced By Manchu Vishnu & Manchu Manoj. Music Of The Film Composed By Bappi Lahiri/ Bappa Lahari & Achu Rajamani.

Story : In the Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka border, there are 2 villages named Pandavapuram and Kauravapuram. Dharmanna (Giri Babu) is the Head of Pandavapuram village who is considered as the latest descendant of the Pandavas while Suyodhana (Mukesh Rishi) is the Head of Kauravapuram village who too is considered as the latest descendant of the Kauravas. As expected, Dharmanna is a good Samaritan while Suyodhana is a dangerous criminal who runs a quarry business. Similar to the tale of Mahabharatha, here in this film too, Dharmanna and Suyodhana play the game of cards in which Suyodhana fails which makes him to follow the stipulation of the game – No celebration, marriage and any good events should not be conducted for 14 years. This leaves Suyodhana swearing vengeance and exactly after 14 years, by manipulation, Suyodhana wins the game and asks Dharmanna to give his daughter’s hand with his youngest son’s marriage.

First Naidu and Varun enter into the good books of Suyodhana’s elder sons Guna (Supreet) and Gana (Bharani) and then enter the house as Graharaja, a powerful astrologer and Upagraharaja, his assistant. Finally Ajay makes an entry in a female attire as Mohini, Gambler Gopi’s sister-in-law who loves Gopi.

Finally Bapure is forced to accept the marriage of Ajay and KuKu after he comes to know the truth since the couple is in love.