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Sant Gora Kumbhar – Old Classic Marathi Movie

Superhit Old Classic Marathi Movie Sant Gora Kumbhar (1967)

Synopsis:Sant Gora Kumbhar is one of the notable saints in history. he completely immersed in the name of vittala god and accidentally his child comes in search of his father and get struck in the mud and die, you should understand from this that human life is transitory and god only is permanent Sant Gora Kumbhar and other saints also wrote and sung hundreds of Abhangs(Shabads which can not be destroyed). The central ideology of this sect was chanting of Namas-kirtana(Kirtan) daily. This sampardaya attached least importance to the position/status of person in society. Rendering of Namaskirtana attaches a great importance to “Nāma” (Naam Japna) and chorus singing (Kirtan)